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BAOULE Blanket/ Peau de Panthère Yellow


BAOULE Blanket/ Peau de Panthère Yellow

BAOULE small Panthere Yellow.jpg
BAOULE small Panthere Yellow.jpg
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BAOULE Blanket/ Peau de Panthère Yellow


BAOULE Medium Blanket / Peau de Panthère Blue-Yellow

Medium size: 150cm x 100cm

100% cotton, woven fabric- non stretch

Can be used as bed- or sofa throws, beach towel or as a scarf or other

Baoule is a traditional Ivorian Ikat like cloth and the color range and patterns are endless. The blankets are hand loomed in small strips that are later stitched together. Baoule cloths are traditionally loomed in the central region of the Ivory Coast.

Wash no hotter than 30°, do not tumble dry

Available in more patterns

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