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Poplin Project creates original clothing that stands out. Every item by Poplin Project is part of a limited edition, quite a few of them are unique pieces that only exist one single time.
Every garment has been cut and sewn by hand. 
All of the wax print fabrics are sourced at local markets in Abidjan. Most of the wax fabrics are made in Africa, a lot of them are from the local wax print factory called Uniwax in order to offer a product that is 100% made in Côte d’Ivoire. 

The traditional wax fabrics are printed, using a wax-resistant dying technique, a mix between batik and block printing. Small imperfections are willingly created in the design process of the print, they are officially called „the perfect imperfection“, and this is exactly what makes the fabrics special, beautiful and unique. 
It is possible that some garment have remnants of adhesive labels that identify the textile manufacturer. These can be removed by ironing the garmentand washing it.

The batik fabrics are all our own designs and are handmade with a small atelier in Grand Bassam.
After dying the fabric, the wax is washed out by putting the cloth in boiling water. On some of the garments you might still have some remnants of wax that hasn’t been fully washed out. They will disappear after washing.

As every piece is cut by hand individually, the placements of the print is different on each garment.
The fabrics base of the waxand batiks are 100% cotton woven.
Due to the printing and dying techniques some of the fabrics are a little stiff in the beginning. The cotton fabrics is usually softening after wearing and washing the garment a few times.

To preserve the shape and keep the colors vivid, we recommend washing with no more than 40°C.
First time, wash alone. Do not tumble dry.